Friday, November 22, 2019
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Yoga-Bizzy Club

Bizzy Yoga at the Seagrove Pavilion Mondays 10am - 11:30, Wednesday 10:30 until 11:30 and Thursdays 6pm - 7:30.

Bizzy yoga classes are a gentle form of Hatha and Yin yoga. They involve stretching and strengthening the body, breathing exercises and simple meditation and relaxation.

I aim to work tension and tightness from the body, unwind and unclutter the mind and induce a feeling of well-being.

Complete beginners are welcome as well as seasoned yogis.

If you want to come along and experience a class either just turn up or if you've any questions give me a ring.

My Wednesday session is a specialist one for people with on going physical conditions or who are unable to cope with regular classes

Charges: Normal classes £7 per session, Wednesday Specialist Class £10


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