Camera Club

Camera Club Friday Panel


We are a newly formed group of local, enthusiastic, amateur digital photographers of varying abilities.

We encourage you to become familiar with the capabilities of your camera by setting a non-compulsory, weekly photographic topic. You then bring up to 5 images with you to the meeting where they will be projected. You can tell us what you like or don’t about them and then we can discuss and show what camera or computer software techniques could have been used to make them different. We deliberately do not hold competitions. Previous camera club experience has shown this to be divisive, unconstructive and subjective. Finally, we encourage you to publish your own images on our Google Plus Private Community Site for other members to view and comment on (only positive comments unless specifically requested).

Typical recent projects have been: Insects, Landscapes, Harbour Scenes, Clouds, Close-ups etc.

We also have talks on different aspects of your camera, techniques and computer post-production techniques.    Much of this is video learning.

On Tuesday mornings, we have additional, informal get-togethers at various local venues for coffee and a photographic stroll.

If you are interested, come along every 2nd and 4th Friday afternoon to our meetings

2:15pm to 4:15pm. or call Peter on 562452

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